Manda Scott

Nairn Community & Arts Centre,
5 Sep – 5 Sep

Manda Scott - Any Human Power 

Award-winning novelist and podcaster Manda Scott is here to explore the deep threads of systemic transformation, life, death and mythic reality that weave through her latest novel,  Any Human Power.  Manda used to write historical thrillers, but the impending chaos of the climate emergency opened the doors to ’Thrutopian’ writing - crafting route maps to a future we'd all be proud to leave behind.  A seismic, visionary novel, Any Human Power is a political thriller at heart gut its roots are bedded deep in the mythic realities of the Boudica: Dreaming series and Manda will explore dreaming, the fertile void and the ways we might craft a new mythology - as well as quadratic voting on the blockchain, distributed democracy and the creation of an entirely new governance system.  She might even bring her journey-drum.  Come prepared for your concept of reality to change out of all recognition!

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