Fair Work First Statement

Nairn Book and Arts Festival operates through its Board of Trustees, a Festival Committee and its various working groups, hereafter known as “The Festival”. The Festival is committed to the Scottish Government’s Fair Work First policy. We have applied to be an accredited Scottish Living Wage employer. We care about the rewards and conditions of employment and the well-being of staff and are committed to improving work-life balance of Festival staff. The Festival works with staff to put fair work practices at the heart of our workplace. The Festival applies its support of Fair Work First principles across all its work, with its core team of freelance staff and one-off performers, authors and artists. This commitment is expressed in the delivery of its Fair Work Policy. It is understood that ensuring Fair Work in the workplace is an ongoing process and that this policy will continue to develop and be reviewed regularly.

Nairn Book and Arts Festival is committed to advancing the Fair Work First Policy through:

Effective Voice – The Festival provides channels for effective employee engagement and holds regular 1-to-1 and team meetings either in person or via video conference medium. It is also structured to allow the staff voice opportunity on a constant basis, via email and through regular Committee and working group meetings.

Fulfilment – The Festival recognises the challenges and complexities of busy working and personal lives through the provision of flexible and family friendly working practices. We are not an office-based employer so homeworking is the norm for our staff.

Opportunity – The Festival undertakes a fair and transparent recruitment process with all job opportunities advertised internally and is working towards further investment in training for its staff and volunteers, focusing on organisational priorities and individual personal development.

Security – The Festival has applied to be an accredited Scottish Living Wage employer and is committed to paying the Real Living Wage. The Festival does not use, or issue zero-hour contracts and opposes the use of fire and rehire practice. The Festival is committed to assuring that any gender pay gap is identified and addressed as part of ongoing review.

Respect – All Festival staff are entitled to be treated with respect and dignity at work and have a personal responsibility for ensuring that they treat others the way in which they would expect to be treated. The Festival recognises dignity at work to mean being free to work without experiencing, bullying, harassment, discrimination or victimisation.

This statement has been jointly created by Board members and Staff of Nairn Book and Arts Festival. This statement is neither definitive nor exhaustive and will evolve to become a ‘living policy’. In line with the principles outlined here we will encourage all staff to have input and agency in defining and revising the policy and it will be formally reviewed annually by the whole team and the Board.

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