Princess Stone Tour

Glenferness Estate,
6 Sep – 6 Sep

Visit the Princess Stone along roads travelled by warriors, warlords, princes and poets.

The Princess Stone dates from the 8th or 9th Century and tells us about the way stories were told in the past. The people of the time carved into stone the images that were important to their culture and history. Exactly what some of these mean is, as yet a matter of interpretation and conjectures. The mystery of the art showing two lovers, beasts and the archer with hunting dog have led to legends about love and loss.

Our visit will take us to the grounds of Glenferness House and to the stone's location by the Findhorn River. On our sojourn we will visit Dulsie Bridge and Lochindorb. Places made famous by histories of the Wolf of Badenoch, King Edward 1st and Robert Burns.

You will be accompanied by two local guides to help tell the stories.

Limited places, early booking is recommended.

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