Barbara (Babs) Jarvie


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Amongst the extremely diversly talented committee, I am the admirer, appreciator, observer, and novice dabbler of many forms of creative arts and appreciate a good book too. I particularly enjoy getting absorbed with historical themes, something that has a connection to draw me in, or losing hours in various artsy craftsy projects. Time is my enemy however and many remain an idea or on hold, so I do appreciate meeting other creators in the hope I will pick up tips and inspiration to achieve my goals someday.

I believe making connections opens a door to the observer’s imagination. This is wonderfully enabled by the variety of authors, artists, or choreographers, by the skilled delivery of the kaleidoscope of creativity on offer at the Book and Arts Festival.

I see great value in what the festival has to offer anyone of any age. With indoor and outdoor venues spanning forest to coast, a cosy theatre to a bandstand stage offering a wide variety of sensorial ambience, creating new experiences that stimulate the mind, body, and soul. Immerse oneself in old Scot’s to modern slang, writers and witchery, history and mystery, spiritual calm or sensual escape, or rocking music and rolling waves. Do enjoy the moment, be part of the creativity, listen, watch, dance, create, laugh, sing and take that memory home with you.

Albert Einstein had a very fitting quote for what the festival offers, “Creativity is seeing what others see and thinking what no-one else ever thought”.