Nancy Kilgore 'Bitter Magic'

Nairn Community & Arts Centre,
1 Sep – 1 Sep

Nancy Kilgore, author of Bitter Magic (Sunbury Press, 2021,) a novel inspired by the story of Isobel Gowdie, will give a short reading and share some of her journey in researching and writing the book. Nancy sought to get beyond the stereotypical witch story (good witch, bad Christians) and understand what it meant to practice magic as Isobel claimed she did. She explores how that was related to the traditional folk religion, and how it coexisted and clashed with the new Protestantism of the Reformers.  
Nancy Hayes Kilgore, winner of the Vermont Writers Prize, is the author of two other novels, Wild Mountain (Green Writers Press, 2017,) and Sea Level (RCWMS, 2011,) a ForeWord Reviews Book of the Year. Nancy is a graduate of the Radcliffe Writing Seminars and holds a Master of Divinity degree and a Doctorate in Pastoral Psychotherapy.

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