Marc Marnie in conversation with Martin Stephenson - My Favourite Hour

The Little Theatre,
4 Sep – 4 Sep

“I was down at the beach in Nairn a few days ago, making sure the tide was more or less where I’d left it, when it occurred to me that I’m now a pensioner. I started to worry that I might have squandered too many of my days chasing the toad work. How many shining hours had I failed to improve? How many roses left un-sniffed and dogs un-clapped?? I did a sum: My average shutter speed is 125/th of a second. That’s 0.008s. I have made approximately 450,000 images Multiply 450,000 by 0.008 = 3600 seconds Divide that by 60 = 60minutes. It is with considerable relief I find I have only worked an hour in nearly 50 years. And not only that, but I’ve loved every minute, every second... every 125th. In short it has been – My Favourite Hour.”

This will be an intimate conversation between Marc, Martin and a hopefully voluble audience. There may be song...

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