Marc Marnie - An Eye for Music

Middle Room, Wasps Links Studios,
1 Sep – 9 Sep


A collection of some of professional photographer Marc Marnie’s better known music images, including a small preview of his current work in progress: ‘Bless The Weather’. Marc spent many years photographing some of the world’s best known musicians at various venues in Edinburgh and Glasgow, before returning to Nairn. His photographs give us a glimpse behind the music; his vision and intuitive approach go to the heart of things, evoking the essential spirit of the performer. His passion for his craft and his empathy with the subjects – which have included Amy Winehouse, Slash, Ringo Starr and Nico to name just a few – have allowed him to engage even the most temperamental of artists. There are live shots and studio portraits, but there are also many taken in less formal backstage situations and during rehearsals.

On February 14th 2020, Marc suffered a catastrophic flood in his studio, which destroyed some of his precious negatives and prompted him to start to createa digital archive.

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The Middle Room, WASPS Links Studios - Sunday 1st – Monday 9th September
The Little Theatre, Grant Street - 10.00am-4.00pm daily when open for performances


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