Kirstie Cohen: Painting the Landscape

United Reformed Church, Nairn,
31 Aug – 31 Aug

Painting the Landscape 10.00am - 4.00pm Thursday 31st August,  United Reformed Church, Nairn

Kirstie Cohen is one of the most prolific and successful landscape artists in Scotland. We are delighted that she is returning to the festival. Kirstie will begin the workshop with a short introduction and then demonstrate the components that are needed to create a successful art work and different ways of making effective and dramatic statements.

Working in a series of small scale panels on board, the student will create as many images as possible, with an emphasis on colour and variety of mark making. Students will then have the choice to progress further onto a larger scale in the afternoon.

Landscape content will be the main focus, whether it is from direct primary sources e.g. working from life, photographs, drawings, sketch book material, or working from the collective memory and imagination and responding to what the chosen medium suggests. A combination of both sources is also an option. It is during the process of working that Kirstie will guide the student through; helping them with which ever medium is chosen, identifying any issues that arise and resolving the problems together. This will be an absorbing and fun filled experience with an outcome of wonderful images from the imagination, and direct sources of reference, to enjoy and build from. 

To see more of Kirstie’s work, visit

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