Lainey Bridge

Marketing and Events Assistant

Lainey Bridge Marketing and Events Assistant

Lainey is currently completing an MSc in Marketing with Festival and Events Management at Edinburgh Napier University as well as getting involved with lots of creative opportunities, co-ordinating events for non-profit organisations and implementing social media marketing in a creative way."I fell in love with art, theatre and performance events early on in my life, and during my Undergraduate degree in Costume Design at Edinburgh College of Art, I always wanted to encourage and inspire creativity and bring people together through events. Since then, I have immersed myself in Scotland’s Art and Culture scene through volunteering my time at a wide range of organisations and events. I previously lived and got hitched in the Highlands, so it holds a special place in my heart. Having a literature fanatic mother meant that I was always surrounded by a love for books, poetry and storytelling. Although originally from the south of England, I am drawn to Scotland’s Folklore, mythical stories and creatures. I really enjoy poetry that challenges people’s perceptions such as Rachel Plummer’s ‘Wain’ a collection of LGBTQ+ poems."